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Glen Madsen

Property Manager/Agent

Professional Experience

Glen Madsen hails from Northern Utah where he completed his education with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. After a sint with Fidelity Investments, Glen established Fidelity’s new 1000 employee customer service office in Salt Lake City. As the Operations Manager he was responsible for all physical facilities.


Glen was recruited by Citibank in their Las Vegas office in 1989. As the Senior Vice-President of Operations for Citibank, where he was involved in the development of call centers, acquisition of real estate, and building physical facilities in multiple locations in the United States and around the world.  He was instrumental in getting these operations up and running, training new employees, and establishing local management. Day to day operations of Citibank’s national operations was also part of Glen’s responsibilities. Coordinating with 5 regional sites Glen was responsible for forecasting call volumes in excess of 3-4 million calls per month and routing of those telephone calls across those 5 sites. Staffing of all 5 centers was Glen’s responsibility with over 6000 telephone customer service representatives. Creating schedules for all telephone representatives was also part of the scope of his work. Glen was also responsible for physical facilities, disaster recovery, and emergency contingency planning.

Too much travel and the “Big City” found Glen relocating his family to St. George in 1999 to pursue a more family friendly lifestyle. He was the Controller for Ence Enterpises, Inc. for 5 years. Concurrently Glen was also involved in real estate on the residential side where he was top producer within the company for several years. Glen joined Colliers International Southern Region office.


Glen was working closely with Steve Kemp at the time he created Vantage Real Estate joining him from the onset specializing in large land tracts and commercial leasing. With expertise in operations, Glen currently focuses on property management, managing over 200,000 square feet of class A office space. 

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